I want an awkward, superintelligent yet slightly patchy robot friend.
I would fix him when he malfunctions and teach him that it’s perfectly cool not being a “real boy”, because humans aren’t really that great tbh and he should embrace his non-sapienity. :’D
His name would be LVX-327 and I’d call him “Elvee.” He would also be able to tap dance and have fold-out solar panels whenever we need extra electricity.
I’d also like a robot dog named DG-02. I’d call him “Diggo” and he’d have a built-in radio and a plasma cannon for a nose. He’d travel on tracks and be able to swim too because he’s also a transforming “hoverdog” who can expand into a hovercraft upon which we could chill whilst travelling down the river Styx.

Batteries not included.

~~ RizzlerMan out.